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Snacks! These could be the hidden reasons you feel sluggish and demotivated …

Look at the difference in calorie intake per week in the chart. These are all snacks we take for granted when we are at the office or on the go but they can make a huge impact on our moods and health.

Knowledge about what you eat has always been something I have championed. You can then make an informed choice. This is also why food diaries ... and HONEST food diaries are so important if you are trying to change the way you feel about your body. I hear this so much ' I eat hardly anything ' ' I've had nothing to eat all day ' ' I don't hardly touch a thing through the day' the only person you are deceiving here is yourself. Food diaries will show you this .. and me!

Exercise combined with healthy eating is the only way to a healthier life. As I have said many times before, exercise does not have to be beasting the treadmill ...but if you enjoy that .. that's fine! Try and find something you enjoy, then you will stick with it and you will learn to love what you do.

Give yourself 20 mins per day for YOU.

Bones is here for YOU

Classes are so varied and there will be something for you to enjoy plus we are a friendly and informed bunch who have knowledge of the local community and we will always support local if we can

Check out your snacks .. write a food diary ... and dust off your trainers. You won't regret it

Claudine 🤩

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