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🚨CIRCL.. New class alert🚨

"In this life, we only get one body, and that body follows a routine. For most of us, me included, we stress out, we work out, and then we do it all over again. Sound familiar? It's an endless cycle that can be hard on your body AND mind. The good (and exciting!) news is...I've got something new for you to try that'll help bridge that gap.

Welcome to CIRCL Mobility™, a class that makes it easier for you to move through your day!

Whether you're a fitness lover, a busy mum, or a 9-5er, you'll benefit from my all-new 30-min class or 12-min cooldown at the end of my regular classes. We'll be exploring flexibility, breathwork, and mobility exercises to help you move better, longer. It's also set to music and healing tones to help your mind focus. Plus, it's all backed by science!

I can't wait to have you join me for some time to check in with your physical and mental selves, chill out, and keep the body moving. See you there!"

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