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Kates running another marathon!

Our lovely Kate and her husband are running another marathon this weekend.

Kate comes to studio classes ( when they are not blocked out with a piece of sticky paper in her special to do book!) Kate also improves her strength with reformer training as well as additional strength training with a PT.

Kates journey to fitness and being the best version of herself has been tremendous. She will tell you herself about her struggle with feeling good and the decision she made to attend a residential boot camp for a good few months, leaving her family and friends so she could concentrate solely on losing the weight that she felt had stopped her from achieving her goals, dreams and aspirations.

With a loss of around five stone completed and more goals set, Kate faces her fears head on. She is truly inspiring and I salute her.

Marathon running is so challenging ... Kate completed the Sierra Leone marathon last year in that heat!!! It takes all your resolve, fitness and strength of mind and character and putting others before your own pain and suffering.

Kate is raising money for asbestos awareness and I have donated to her just giving page. She is too polite to advertise how amazing she is so I'm doing it for her.

If you would like to support Kate this weekend then please head to her page ... link below.

Good luck Kate 🥰💪🤩

Lots of love and strength

Claudine xxx

Our lovely

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